Site work at the elementary school and middle school included:

  • Sustainable site design features (storm water, porous pavement, landscaping) were incorporated to assist in achieving LEED Certification.
  • Preservation of mature trees and the design of a rain garden.
  • Improvements to vehicular and pedestrian circulation, providing a safe walkable environment for children. 
  • Drainage improvements, significant storm water management system, working around the existing utilities.
  • Renovation of a baseball field and other multipurpose athletic fields.
  • The design took into account that the site was found to be in an archaeologically sensitive area, resulting in a Phase 1B Cultural Resource Reconnaissance Survey.
  • Multi-phased project, completed in 2012.

Site Improvements at Multiple Sites

  • Storm water management strategies requiring NYSDEC Permit approvals included porous pavement, subsurface storage/infiltration chambers, and a subsurface structural cell system in tree planted areas to promote growth and provide storage/infiltration.
  • Circulation and overall drainage improvements at two elementary/middle school campuses, and site improvements at four other school campuses.
  • Site design included separate bus/student drop-off areas, traffic calming control measures, pedestrian friendly access routes, retaining walls for utility/service improvements, and landscaping.
  • Project was completed in 2014.