Landscape Management Master Plan, completed in 2008

  • Assisted with a year long Planning Board process.
  • Developed a strategy of assessing and organizing campus open spaces to efficiently integrate private campus image design guidelines and maintenance practices.
  • Conducted a campus tree inventory to determine species composition, diversity, and tree maintenance recommendations.
  • Facilitated focus group meetings with key “stakeholders” to identify constraints and opportunities.
  • Prepared design guidelines to establish criteria in directing future site design and landscape efforts.
  • Prepared landscape management guidelines to meet three levels of standardized care.

Campus Master Plan, completed in 2015

  • Biweekly meetings with the College Master Plan Task Force to discuss key issues and collaborate on proposed improvements.
  • Assisted the College with outreach efforts to share the process with staff, students and community.
  • Established the vision for the College's future, as well as goals and objectives for implementation.
  • Analysis of existing resources, strengths, weaknesses of the campus.
  • Outlined opportunities and standards for new development.
  • Provided standards for architectural styles, site materials and furnishings, landscape typologies, etc.
  • Address academics, identity, wellness/recreation, residential communities, sustainability, etc.
  • Graphic production including diagramming, plan graphics, and 3-D modeling to convey key points and proposed improvements.
  • Master Plan Report preparation--a succinct and usable document.