Phase 1

  • $260,000 approximate site construction costs for site work at the Junior High School.
  • Restructuring of the front bus loop to accommodate a parent drop-off loop.  Coordination with SHPO was necessary to construct a separate parent drop-off loop without losing the original look of the entrance to the building because the building is considered a historic monument.
  • Scope of services included curbs, concrete sidewalks, storm water infrastructure and management and asphalt pavement.
  • Project was completed in 2012.

Phase 2

  • $600,000 approximate site construction costs for site work at multiple school sites.
  • Scope of services at the high school included resurfacing of tennis courts with new netting and posts, new concrete walk at back of building to replace existing asphalt walk, resurfacing of front slope near building for easier maintenance.
  • Scope of services at Herman Elementary included replacement of asphalt sidewalks with concrete walks.
  • Scope of services at Casey Elementary included replacement of rear parking near Casey Park and resetting existing storm structure gates.
  • Scope of services at Owasco Elementary included replacement of concrete walk at front entrance to bus loop and addition of concrete walk from loop to street intersection.
  • Scope of services at Seward Elementary included replacement of concrete walks.
  • Project was completed in 2013.
  • Additional work at Seward Elementary had approximate site construction costs of $50,000 and included a new front entry with colored concrete, benches and plantings.

Synthetic Turf Field, completed in 2017

  • $2.1 million estimated site construction cost for renovation of an existing historic stadium.
  • Synthetic turf field with appurtenances including scorer's table, football/soccer goals, and football netting.
  • Asphalt path to parking area.
  • Sealing and striping of parking lot.
  • Replace asphalt walks around stadium and add a new concrete ramp.