Colvin Street Apartments, completed in 2009

  • New student housing project off-campus.
  • Prepared the SEQR and required paperwork in order to achieve Syracuse Site Plan Approval.
  • The design included entryways and a community center.
  • Design challenges were the building density, steep slopes and traffic issues, as well as the storm water management.

Haven Hall Dormitory, completed in 2011

  • Reconstruction/redesign of entry courtyard, loading dock and streetscape.
  • Realignment of the driveway loop road and loading dock and the expansion of the pedestrian courtyard and entry.
  • The project included the use of permeable asphalt pavement, reduction in hardscape and development of rain gardens to meet storm water management regulations for the City of Syracuse.
  • Streetscape improvements at Marshall Street included the replacement of curbs and sidewalks and new street tree plantings for the entire city block.

Day Residence Hall, completed in 2015

  • Renovation of the main entry steps.
  • Simplified the entry steps, ramp and railings and added another drop curb to assist with accessibility.
  • Improved general site appearances around the main entry.

Brewster/Boland/Brockway Plaza Renovations, design completed in 2016

  • Removal of pavers and replace with poured concrete to maximize safety.
  • Addition of a ramp for compliant wheelchair accessibility to Brockway Dining Center.
  • Snow melt system in main pedestrian pathways, ramp, and stairs.
  • Design of multiple green roof areas throughout the plaza.

Sims Hall, completed in 2017

  • Renovation of five granite slab stairways specifically designed to maintain the historical aesthetic of the building including ornamental railings.
  • Incorporation of snow melt system on new granite stairways and adjacent sidewalks.
  • Updated layout including removal of sidewalk and stairs.