Thursday, December 20, 2012

Central New York received another sizeable amount of funding for development projects in the region.  This is a result of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s program of allocating state economic aid to regions with the best growth strategies.  $93.8 million in state assistance was awarded to the Central New York region in this second round of the program, designated for seventy-three projects.  The Central New York region also received the biggest aid package in the first round--$103.7 million for 74 projects.  One of the reasons for another sizeable allocation in the second round is that the state has named this region a “top performer” based on progress with earlier projects, with seventy-one of those seventy-four projects on schedule.

Altogether, Governor Cuomo announced $738 million in aid for 725 projects across the state Wednesday.  One of the projects on the Central New York list is the Syracuse Community Health Center.  This project is receiving $3.1 million toward its construction and Appel Osborne is excited to be part of the project team.  The Syracuse Community Health Center plans to move a majority of patient services into a new facility as it has outgrown its current location.  For more information on the state economic aid and the Central New York projects, click the article below: