Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Appel Osborne Landscape Architecture has achieved Synthetic Turf Council Certification!  We are excited to be the only Landscape Architecture firm in New York State to receive their Certification as a Licensed Professional, a title held by only 54 of the organization’s approximately 200 worldwide members.  Our firm was recently certified after the Synthetic Turf Council’s Board of Directors found Appel Osborne had met all eligibility requirements and is capable of upholding our pledge to abide by the terms and conditions of the STC Certification Program Commitment Agreement.  The objectives of the Certification Program are to enhance the quality reputation of synthetic turf systems, and the companies that provide products and services to those systems, and to provide the client guidelines by which the products and services can be measured with the knowledge that the delivery will be as agreed and specified.  Synthetic Turf Council President Rick Doyle stated in his letter “The Certification Program was established to give the end user and customer confidence that the STC Certified company will deliver as agreed its synthetic turf products and/or services that meet or exceed the STC’s minimum quality guidelines, and that its employees and representatives will conduct themselves in accordance with the STC’s code of professional and ethical conduct.”


Appel Osborne is thrilled to have earned this achievement, and we pledge to continue to uphold the commendable standards of the Synthetic Turf Council, providing exemplary products and service to our clients.